Thursday, September 1, 2016

Two Days to Kili--here's the scoop!

Ok campers, just two days before Alex and I leave for Kili and I have a bunch of stuff to update you all on.

First last week's and August training volumes:

Last Week

Bike: 190 miles
Run/Hike/Climb: 18 miles
Weights/stretch: 2 Hours
Time: 19:45


Swim: 3000 yards
Bike: 832 miles
Run/Hike/Climb: 148 miles
Weights/Stretch: 7:15
Time: 98:21

Alex and I just returned from Shenandoah National where we did two very strenuous days hiking/climbing in 88-90 degree heat as our final training block.  We did the White Oak/Hawksbill/Cedar Run loop and the Mathews Arm/Heiskell/Overall Run loop.  Summary data:

White Oak

Time: 7:32
Distance: 11.84 miles
Vertical Ascent: 3,952 feet

Overall Run

Time: 6:25
Distance: 11.75 miles
Vertical Ascent: 3,438 feet

Here are the two profiles (White Oak first)

Pictures from the climbs (including some of our bear friends):

Today was spent getting everything in order.  One of things I had to deal with was a visit to Dr. G. where he removed 48 CC (!!!!!!) of fluid from my knee and then shot some cortisone in there to try to calm things down.  In case you're wondering what 48 CCs looks like, here you go:

And yes--it's tough to do this with this kinda stuff going on.....

Finally, here is an overview of our climbing profile for Kili with 9/11 as our target summit date:

Almost time to go!

As always, Judy will assume command central for the blog (yes I know all of you approve!)

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