Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kilimanjaro--here we go!

Alex and I are waiting in the airport in Amsterdam for our next flight to Kilimanjaro--which leaves in about 90 minutes.  We left DE around 12:45 and flew up to JFK where we boarded a red-eye KLM flight.  We arrived in Holland about 6:30 this morning--uneventful including no sleep for the C boys.  But all is good and we are looking forward to this next flight and getting to Tanzania around 7:45pm local tonight--hopefully with our luggage!

Not much happening tonight although I'm sure we'll meet up with our climbing team.  Tomorrow morning we have our team meeting and then will spend the day organizing and getting ready for our first day of climbing on Tuesday morning.  Looks like we may have some rain but as Anders always says--there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad attitudes....

I'll try to post from Tanzania in the hotel if the internet is available.  Then I'm sure Judy will take over from there...

Almost game time!

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