Friday, November 20, 2015

My comeback--2 months in--miscellaneous musings

Hey folks--the comeback seems to be working.  I more or less started about 2 months ago to recover from my various (elbow, knee, calf, and back) issues and to attempt to return to reasonable long-distance triathlon and high altitude mountaineering fitness.  so far so good.

Frequent visitors to this blog know I'm currently trying to just get back to a fitness level that lets me attempt to do longer triathlons (HIM and IM) and climb bigger mountains and trek lengthy hikes....

I've left this first couple of months purposefully unstructured as I wasn't sure if my back et al would allow me to come back but so far so good:

-I had a couple of 6+ hour days down in SNP hiking away--albeit at a leisurely pace

-I'm back in the pool and know hitting 5000 yards plus for a week and 2000 for my bigger swims

-I'll probably get about 18 miles of running this week and today happily completed my first back-to-back run sessions--a very long way to go but I'm ambitious with low expectations!

-I haven't really spiked up on my biking yet but my computrainer sessions are getting better...

All this is to say I think I'm ready to really return to a rigorous training schedule.  I'm going to take the next week a bit easy and enjoy T-day with the fam and then starting Dec 1 I'm going to plan and record my workouts in my historical fashion.  I'll be reporting them here and I'm hopeful that they will chronicle a continued upward ark back to a semblance of my historical capabilities.

I've begun to think about my multi-sport schedule for 2016.  Several highlights:

- I'd like to do two HIMs and one IM--I've signed up for challenge Roth and IMCA70.3 already

-I want to do one of the seven summits--first prize is Kili with Alex but if that falls through, I'd like to do Elbrus with Anders

-I plan to do a thru hike of SNP on the AT in early May--all 108 miles of it

-plus--hopefully, a lot of local sprint kinda tris commencing out in Cali in the late winter....and a few other fun things that present themselves

I think this is going to happen--life's rich tapestry 

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