Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Today's ride--starting to get serious!

Today's ride was 7:15 in duration and a bit over 120 miles.  My avg power was 139 watts and NP was 150 watts, which increasingly I feel will be reasonable targets for the 508.  We'll see how my power holds up when I start riding 200+ miles....

Todays' ride took me down first to Cape  May and then North and West (hard to go the other way) up into cumberland county:

My power output was very comfortable and if anything increased slightly as the ride progressed

 I left above 5:25 am and the temp was in thigh 60s.  by the finish it was fitting with 90.  Humid as well but i did a pretty good job of hydrating so felt good and strong the whole way!

Next week I will push up over 8 hours and start pushing 140 miles or try to back-to-back rides of around 6 hours (100 miles) on consecutive days.

Racing the 508 will obviously cause me to have to be able to ride around 36 hours over a 48 hour period so I'm thinking mixing in ever longer single shot rides with some slightly shorter back-to-back efforts may be beneficial....

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