Saturday, December 27, 2014

On the ground in Puntas Arenas

We made it safely here with all of our luggage!  We met up with Greg Vernovage, who is one of our guides here--we did indeed pass our gear check.  We walked over to town and bought some groceries for the climb and had lunch.  We each took about a 2-hour nap, which clearly was needed.

We've been cleaning up, packing our packs and gear bags for a possible move to the Big Ice tomorrow evening (which would be a day early and fantastic if it happens--it would mean all of our team got here OK and that the weather is good in Antarctica).

My calf continues to bother me but this is not new news--if it just causes pain throughout the climb I'm pretty sure I can deal with it--we're just hoping it holds up and doesn't degrade during the climb.  Our expectation is that it will hold up and I'm going to try to not mention it throughout the climb--I don't want our guides focusing on it (unless it becomes a major issue).

Here are some pics from the trip so far:

Almost into Panama:

Anders gearing up for the flight to Santiago:

On the ground in Punta Arenas:

Our hotel for tonight--maybe our last warm bed for a while....

Some friends across the street--they say hi Jen!

Downtown Puntas Arenas:


Getting ready:

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