Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last night and this morning

 We met up with our team and went out to dinner at a place called La Luna--Greg (our lead guide) raved about this baked crab thing, which we ordered and that turned out to be not so much....

Below is our team (minus Mike Hammel--who will meet us in Antarctica).  Counterclockwise from the right is:

Greg Vernovage (guide)
Richard (English guy who lives in Switzerland--works for UBS)
Von (lives near DC--don't know much about him but he might be older than I)
Steve (from Virginia--does cartography for the government)
Stefan (Swiss guy who lives in Atlanta and is a Chemistry teacher)
RC (mountaineer poser)

All of these folks have more extensive resumes than I (for example, all have climbed Denali) and all plan to climb Everest (with the exception of me).  We talked quite a bit about Everest and the events of the last two years (Greg was there).   Greg also spent some time telling me I should go for Everest.  I told him I was content at the moment to just get to Vinson base camp and go from there...

This morning, we got all of our stuff ready to go and we'll be delivering in to the plane service shortly:

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