Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait

We went to bed last night hoping to get up and learn that we would be leaving late tonight.  However, at breakfast Greg told us that we needed to have our gear all ready to go by 11:30 and then we would have a briefing at 5.  After breakfast, AC and I went out and looked at the monument that sits right outside our hotel:

After checking in our gear, we all headed out to have lunch (same place as yesterday--yuck) and then do some grocery shopping.   On the way we stopped by the big statue for Magellan in the middle of town:

We had some extra pesos at the grocery store and Anders tried (with no success) to win a talisman for our trip:

At 5 we went to our big briefing to learn the plan:

One of the charts they showed us is below--the top green line is wind speed at our landing area.  the max allowed is 25 mph and you can see that it is forecasted to exceed that all the way until Tuesday night.  The other issue is temperature--when it gets above -8 degrees C (red line) the blue ice runway gets too slippery.  The short of it is we may be able to leave Tuesday night....

Of course things may change.  We have a call at 7am tomorrow and we have to be ready to go in 45 minutes....although most likely, we'll be here at least another 40+ hours....

This evening we went out to a crappy restaurant that did have an interesting menu...check out the first item on the menu....

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