Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Totals

My August training volume (last full training month before Kona--will start taper in September) was decent--not as much as I wanted, especially on the bike and run:

Swim: 43,000 yards
Bike: 956 miles
Run: 112 miles
Time: 84:17

I continue to have some trouble recovering from my "normal" IM training volume.  I'm especially finding it tough to follow up a hard 100+ mile ride with a long-run later in the week.  I've missed several long runs as a result.

My swim continues to be rock solid and my bike is certainly serviceable.  This week is an easy week as I'm letting my body absorb the heavy 3-week training block.  Further, I plan to light it up at the National Aquabike Championship (1.2/56) on Sunday in Sandusky, OH.

After that race, my main training priority will be to get in 3 long runs before I begin my taper around the 24th or so of September.  I'll do long rides and swims as well but I'm going to need to prioritize my run to see if I can salvage it for Kona....

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