Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chillin' post NYC triathlon

I did the NYC Olympic tri last weekend.  Always wanted to do that one from an experience point of view and I needed to shake the race rust off after not racing for 6 weeks.

My expectations were modest given the very heavy training load of the prior 4 weeks--especially the last two weeks before the race.  I wanted to do a 2:30 and finish in the top 10% of my Age Group.  As it turned out, I did a 2:30:06 and finished 15th out of 130 so pretty close.  I had an exceptionally good swim for me finishing 91st OA out of about 3500 triathletes.  My bike and run were sluggish as expected as my legs were deeply fatigued coming into the race.

Still, a great experience and money in the bank from a training perspective.  Post race my legs are fried and my body told me it was time for a recovery and consolidation week, which with the family wedding this weekend works well.  So just doing some easy training this week (probably 12-15 hours) and then I'll get back into next week.

I'll post an NYC race report over the course of the next few days...

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