Monday, June 30, 2014

All Good--pretty much nailed it!

I'm so very sorry to be so far behind in my is amazing right now and it's hard to keep up....

I still have two race reports (US Nationals LC and St. Andrews) to file which I just need to spend an hour or so to do--which will happen this week....

I had the kinda June that I was hoping for....The pop has returned to my legs on the bike and my run is clearly improving....I think my peroneal issues are over....

June totals were pretty much on target:

Swim: 39,000 yards

Bike: 1000 miles

Run: 108 miles

Time: 88 hours

So only issue is my run.  Great momentum and motivation right far as volume goes the next three months will average:

Swim: 40k+
Bike: 1000-1250 miles
Run: 125+ miles
Time: 100+ hours/month

Much to report on and I will do so soon....

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