Monday, November 18, 2013

Baldy et al....

Great little five day stretch where I was able to spend time with all four of my kids in four different cities.  The highlight was a 4-day visit with Anders in his new digs in Santa Monica.

With the big training week last week and all the travel this week featured less volume.  I put in 22 hours of training with about half involved in trekking/climbing.  I also recorded 137 miles on the bike, 15 miles running and a weights session.  I also jumped back in the pool and swam surprisingly strong given the 7-week hiatus.

The highlight of the week was climbing Mt. Baldy with Anders (our second time).  With no snow we couldn't poon up the face so we opted to do the full Baldy loop--up sthe ski shack side and then the arduous and exposed way down via the Devil's backbone.  This turned out to take us 6:10 with about 11.8-miles of linear distance and around 4000 feet of vertical.  I'm plane-bound at the moment so I'll upload some pics when I can download them to my computer.  In the meantime here are three pics that Anders took on his iPhone:

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