Monday, October 24, 2016

Looking ahead

Have settled back in after the two climbs that dominated the last two months.  Originally, this was the week we were to do through hike the AT in Shenandoah NP--a 108 mile 6/7 day affair.  Unfortunately the other couple we were counting on bagged out on us so instead we will be doing a three-day hike with some friends this week.

Physically, I feel pretty good, especially for this late in the season.  Normally, I'm pretty run down by now but I feel fresh and ready to go.  My knee is holding up and probably can sustain 10-20 miles/week of running.  I've been dealing with an acute tennis elbow problem but saw the ortho this week and received another cortisone injection--which really helped.  I start PT later this week.

I was given the green light to swim again and today I jumped in for an easy 1,000 yards--my first swim since early August.  It felt fine.

At this point I'm going to try to tune myself up for an early January sprint triathlon down in Florida.  I'll hope to put the following into each week of training:

-3 swims @ 5,000-7,500 yards/week
-bike mileage of 200 miles/week or so with an emphasis on drills/speed work on my computrainer
-3 runs per week trying to get to 15 miles
-other to include hiking/climbing and weights/stretching

I'd like to do around 20 hours/week and gear myself up to race well in Florida in January and a couple of times out in California in Feb/Mar.

A big unknown at this point is whether or not Anders will do Everest and whether or not I'll go along for some of that trip to support him and to hike/trek in Nepal.  In any event, by the end of May I'll turn exclusively to triathlon training and hope to target a late year IM qualifier for one last shot at Kona....

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