Sunday, October 30, 2016

2017 shaping up

I'm just back from three great days down in Shenandoah with some good friends and will shortly post pics and data from those climbs.

I've made progress in locking down my plans for 2017.  They include:

1. a very early triathlon down in Naples, Florida in conjunction with my Mom's 80th birthday.  It will be my first January triathlon.

2. 2-3 triathlons early in the year out in Cali

3. 1-2 months in Nepal, principally helping Anders climb Everest but also doing a fair amount of trekking/climbing myself.  This is still up in the air.

4.  IMAZ 2017.  Perhaps this will be my last Ironman but if I'm lucky, I might be able to add Kona 2018 as the final one.

5. quite a few other triathlons as, with the exception of Nepal, I expect to focus principally on triathlons in 2017.

6. exploring a stem cell treatment for my left knee...

On the health front, I started PT for my elbow and already its helping.  I swam again on Friday (twice in one week!) and expect to return to regular RC triathlon training in November....

bring it on!

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