Saturday, October 19, 2013

Looking South To Aconcagua!!!

Well, I'm now a month pass that great day at IMLT where I was lucky to punch my ticket for Kona 2014.  I've been in a transition mode since then.  I've tried to let my legs recover from the challenges of that day and have begun to increasingly turn my thoughts towards Argentina and my coming expedition to climb Cerro Aconcagua.  I have 12 weeks to do whatever preparation work I'm going to do.  I have been getting out and hiking with 50 pounds 3-4X/week for 90 minutes.  I now feel that I'm sufficiently recovered from IMLT that I can start getting serious about my climbing training. (I did a little over 13 hours of work this week so far).

Tomorrow I plan to get out and go for about 4 hours with 50 pounds.  I'll try to get 10-14 hours of hiking this week and next week, Judy and I and a couple of friends are heading down to do two sections of the Appalachian Trail around the Thorton Gap area of Shenandoah National Park.  I'm hopeful to join Anders in California in early November and to climb Whitney, Baldy and to do a lot of other treking in the Santa Monica mountains.  If I'm not able to coordinate with Anders then I'll head up to the White Mountains and perhaps go for a 4-5 day trek.

I'm also trying to bike in the 100-150 mile range and I've been running a couple of times a week.  I plan on upping my running a bit and doing a series of more sprint/weight oriented workouts that Anders has suggested.  I'd like to start clocking 20-30 hours/week so that I get off the plane in early January ready to rock....

Starting to get pumped about going high in Argentina!

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