Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let's see, now where was I?

Sorry for the extended radio silence.  Much to do 'round these parts.  Last week we spent the better part of 4 days up in Boston attending Anders' Harvard Business School graduation ceremonies.  We could not be prouder of him and all the hard work he put into earning this fine accomplishment.  The picture of him with Judy and I is a reminder of the day I graduated from HBS--almost 30 years to the day earlier:

Anyways, life has been full and very rewarding and my triathlon activities have taken a bit of a back seat for a while.

Last week's totals were:

Swim: 4500 yds
Bike: 213 miles
Run: 18.8 miles
Time: 17:08

May's totals were:

Swim: 23205 yards
Bike: 794 miles
Run: 110 miles
Time: 74:37

And so now serious training starts!  June 1st marks the beginning of my IM Lake Tahoe build--I'll be following a 14 week IM build with a 2 week taper into the September 22nd race.  Month wise I would expect June to come in around 90 hours of training, July at 100, and August at 110.  I'll be following a 2 heavy/1 light week schedule for the first six weeks and then a 3 heavy/1 light week schedule for the last 8 weeks of the build.

I plan on racing three times in June and twice in each of the next two months--I will continue my past practice of training through the races--i'll treat them as "C" races.  I'll try to do the best I can but my main focus is on building for my Ironman.  I'll race this weekend at Jersey Genesis.

To give you a sense of what I'm talking about, here are the totals for the first five days of June:

Swim: 6000 yards
Bike: 205 miles (including a 50 and an 80-miler)
Run: 24 miles
Time: 17:46

While my Tri training is picking up, my mountaineering training is clearly slacking as evidenced by the following pictures that Judy took of my trekking boots, which sit outside our back door back in DE:

Clearly, Mrs. Sparrow and her soon to be bigger family are making better use of my boots than I have been lately!  I can confirm however, that my bikes and running shoes have no living animals utilizing them as their home!

On a final note, the last few rides off island here in Jersey have been amazing with great weather and the high pitched drone of Brood II--very cool indeed!

OK, back to work!

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