Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AC Denali Post 2

Anders arrived in Anchorage around 4 am EST--midnight local today.  15 hours of travel of course presents its challenges but AC reported that the trip was uneventful and without much stress.  He was able to sleep for about 6 hours in a hotel near the airport.  His two expedition bags totalled more than 100 pounds but he smooth talked his way past check-in.  One of the big challenges of a Denali expedition is the shear mass and weight of all the stuff that is necessary to ensure survival and success in this most inhospitable environment.  We'll see what he ultimately ends up propelling up the mountain as some of what he brought will stay below and he'll have to bring a significant amount of group gear as well.  Some of this mass will be on his back in his pack and some he will drag on a small plastic sled--a pic of him training for this in our backyard is below.

AC will meet his team around 9pm EST tonight at the airport and they will board a van to Talkeetna.  The van will be the first chance for Anders to meet his team.  He'll have the first "official" expedition meeting tomorrow morning.  I'll give a detailed overview of the expedition tomorrow.  Find below a few more pre-expedition pics:

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