Sunday, December 12, 2010

busy times

Down in Florida visiting my parents for most of the week and then up in Boston reuniting with a lot of the old Boston/Bain gang. Lots of travel and lots of time away creates a few obstacles training wise.

Also very sad to see where my father is at. he is going downhill very quickly and I fear will not walk among us much longer. Very challenging situation for my mother as well. It was nice to pitch in a bit and i did enjoy my time with them for sure.

Training wise this week I did manage to squeeze in enough quality and quantity to feel like I'm making progress:

4000 yards swimming
163 miles on the bike
32 miles running
15.3 hours training

Decided to not race the Rehoboth half-marathon. the last minute addition of a trip yesterday up to Boston knocked it off the list. probably a good thing given how much I've been running around.

Up to New York tomorrow for three days and then will be back in Wilmington for a little stretch--I'll need to heavy up when i get back....

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