Tuesday, July 25, 2017

OK--Its time to talk Ironman again!

I'm sure those of you who read this blog will be thrilled that I'm turning away from blogging about adventures in Nepal and back to how many yards i swam last week.....

Anyways, I have Ironman Arizona in late November as my current focus.  Starting on August 1 (next week) I plan to start my Ironman training build--and I'm excited to do so.

Body-wise, my knee continues to be what it is.  I'm going to have to limit my running to 10-20 miles per week for the most part.  Nothing new there.  since returning from Nepal, I've been dealing with fairly debilitating right shoulder pain, so much so that I've had to stop swimming while i get it fixed.  i received a cortisone injection and have begun a regular PT set of activities.  I have bursitis that seems to have been caused by a "winged scapula" on my right side.  My orthopod thinks maybe I have a bit of nerve impingement there.  In any event, I've made good progress and after going about 6 weeks without swimming, I've returned to the open water.  Indeed, yesterday I swam 1543 yards in 24:42, which works out to 1:36/100 yards or about a 67-minute Ironman pace, which is very, very surprising given my lack of swimming.  Of course doing that over 1500 yards is a whole different thing then over 4200 yards so much work to do, but I may be turning the corner swim wise.

In any event, I've been getting ready--creating the base for Ironman training--so to speak.  here is what my last 4 weeks looked like:

                                   Swim              Bike           Run        Time

4 weeks ago                   0  y              258 m        10 m        19:07
3 weeks ago                   0                  319            20             24:43
2 weeks ago                1000               235            12             17:04
Last week                   2530               270             9              19:07

Here we go agin!

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