Sunday, January 4, 2015

On their way to the Summit!

Just a quick update...If they didn't call me today, which they haven't, that meant they are definitely heading up for the summit!  Here's the latest weather forecast at Vinson:

Looks like the sun is shining but a numbing windchill on top!  They were planning to leave around 9am today for the 9 - 12 hour round trip summit attempt. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers to make it safely back to Camp Two tonight.  I hope they get to stand on top of that huge mountain, but mostly just hope they are safe.  Thanks for all your support and well-wishes for these two very adventurous, and a bit crazy, boys!

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karna lechner said...

Randy and Anders we r so very proud of you! You have accomplished things in your life that only a few others can speak of!! The things you have seen of this world in places only you and a few others have been have to be awe inspiring to you!! Thanks for sharing it with us in this wonderfully written blog by Judy!! You are the best author! Keeping us informed with not only the fascinating climb but interesting facts and pictures! Thanks for sharing! We are Truly amazed your cousins in Indiana!! XOXOX