Sunday, August 25, 2013

a month to go! grinding away...

Here are the volume totals for the last two weeks:

last week:

swim: 9,000 yards
bike: 273.1 miles
run: 36.2 miles
time: 24:47

this week:

swim: 11,500 yards
bike: 297.6 miles
run: 27.0 miles
time: 25:02

As I mentioned earlier, life seems to be limiting me to 25 hour weeks vs the 30+ hour weeks I've done in past builds at this point in the build sequence.  That said, I have nailed all of my long w/os (swim: 4000+, bike: 100+, run: 15+) these two weeks and feel reasonably well rested and fresh.  My fitness continues to build (I think) and I've leaned out, body-wise, quite a bit over the last two months.

four weeks to race time.  I've decided to do a H-IM two weeks in front of Tahoe, which I know many will disagree with but I think that it works for me....that will be the last race before IMLT....more on that later!

Onward and upward....

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